Ready, set…..

This time next Monday I’ll be on a plane to Korea, probably somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.  And I finally have an e-ticket!

I realized yesterday I’ve never really flown alone.  When I was about 6 or 7, my dad put me on a plane from Paris to Beziers France to go visit my great grandmother, but I had an airline chaperone and relatives met me at the gate as this was pre-9/11 flying.  This time it’s just me.

I have some international and domestic flight experience and I thought I remembered terminal numbers being on boarding passes but the majority of the information headings have “not available until August 23” typed underneath them.  Hmmm.  Luckily my layover at Dulles is a little under 2 hours so I should have enough time to figure out where I’m supposed to be going.

Overall I remain not nervous.  Any time I start to get anxious, I just push the thoughts out of my head.  I’m working for a reputable company, I have housing, I have healthcare, I have the means to communicate with family and friends, and I have some money to hold me over until my first paycheck.  Everything is going to be okay!  Better than okay!  I’m getting to live out my dream of moving abroad!  I will write upbeat e-mails to my parents with lots of exclamation points and .img attachments!  I hope that I eventually develop a sense of “home” in South Korea.

It’s cheesy but being able to laugh is what I believe will get me through all of this.  When I first started my application process, I often found myself frustrated and overwhelmed by bureaucracy.  Recently though, I found myself texting my cousin Mallory that I was “in” the Middle East when really I was just standing on the sidewalk out front of the Pakistani embassy.  Embracing being cheesy and excited, along with some deep breaths, are going to be key these next few months.


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