Holy shit, how is take off already 2 days away?!

Yesterday I realized that my possessions actually needed to go into a suitcase so I started filling TSA approved clear quart-sized bags with socks, toiletries, medicines.  I’m going to roll my clothing so it takes up as little space as possible and just pray my suitcase doesn’t weigh more than 50 lbs.  Not only would I have to pay a fee, but that’s just a lot of weight to be toting around.

No one will be meeting me at Incheon Airport.  Instead, I have a piece of paper with Korean characters to show a bus driver who will deliver me to my stop (written on the print out).  Sara, my school’s director, will meet me at the bus stop and take me to wherever it is I’m going.  I believe I’ll be in a hotel for my first few days because Georgianna, the Canadian teacher I’m replacing, is going to be showing me around and letting me observe her classes so I can only imagine I’ll also be taking over her apartment.  She told me in an e-mail I had a twin bed, which strengthens that idea.  Why else would she know that, right?

Good byes have been getting more difficult as my departure date gets closer.  My grandma came up from Wilmington NC to visit me for 5 days and we ended up hugging and crying in the drive way as she was packing up her car to head back home. Oh boy.

Tonight my friend Sienna is holding a party for a couple of different reasons, including a birthday and my going away.  Not seeing my friends will be difficult but with Skype and Facebook and e-mail and some snail mail, we’ll all stay in touch.

My friend Holly has applied with ECC as well and is thinking she’ll be taking a position in Busan (port city in the southern part of Korea about 6 hours train ride from Seoul) that begins in February/March.  My friend Elisabeth at will be in China for a year-long study abroad program so there will be plenty of opportunities for doses of home.  I’m not sure where Lynne is in her process, but another friend of mine recently submitted her application with ECC Japan.  Their requirements and hiring are a bit stricter so I don’t think she’d be over til the spring.

Honestly, I think I will miss my pets the most.  I have 2 cats, Wonton and General Tso, that have been in my life 3 years and a yellow lab named Berkeley.  My stepdad found him abandoned in the parking lot where he works in November.  He weighed just 19 bounds and now he weighs about 85 at one year.  So much of having pets is tactile–playing with them, petting their fur, waking up to a cold wet nose in your face.  There’s just no way to substitute those things.  My mom says she’ll make them come up to the screen when Skypeing but it just won’t be the same as being with my furbabies. 


One thought on “Packing

  1. Hey grill I hope you’re settling down ok, and have moved into something semi-permanent by now. Living out of a suitcase in a hotel blows!
    I’ve finally moved into my dorm (and craziness considered) it is much better than a hotel. Anyways skype me sometime and take care!

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