I love snow.  Like really, truly adore snow.  One tiny snowflake has me wound up for hours praying for a blizzard.  I love cold weather, the way the air seems like you could snap it, the way the air smells, the clearness of the sky in winter, but most of all, the glittering beauty of snow.

Growing up in Virginia, I didn’t get much opportunity to see snow, which is why I’m greatly anticipating the winter in Seoul.  According to the BBC country profile on South Korea, it snows on average 28 days of the winter.  That’s almost a full month of time with my wintry, sparkly love!

Last night we had our first snow.  It was itty bitty flakes with almost no accumulation, but I was overjoyed seeing just that little bit of frosty white on the cars and sidewalks this morning.

My co-worker, Diana, is Canadian so while she’s had much more experience with snow than I have, she took off her gloves this morning to get more of a sensory experience.

See!  Just look at that smile!  Snow is magical.

Today was really gorgeous.  The morning began with heavy fog but the sun burned it off about half past 9 and we had a fantastic blue sky for the walk to work.

Even though it’s not officially winter yet, I don’t think it’s too soon to consider it winter here in South Korea.  Bring on the snow, baby!


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