Three Months in Photos

My 3 month anniversary in Korea came and went without acknowledgment because I was a bit more concerned with artillery fire than the significance of November 23.  Once I did realize it this weekend, I was amazed reflecting on how much I’ve seen and done in such a short period of time.

It all started August 23rd…

Since then I’ve learned to treat my umbrella like my best friend…

…attended my first soccer match (UFC Seoul v. Busan)

…delved into Korean food (both successfully and unsuccessfully)

…celebrated Chuseok (Korean holiday based around the harvest and family, not unlike Thanksgiving)

…danced the night away along the Han River at Global Gathering to a slew of incredible Korean DJs, Justice and Fatboy Slim

…experienced numerous festivals that made me realize how beautiful and vibrant the arts scene is in Seoul (these are two of my favorite photos)

…had my first Korean Halloween

…toured Gyeongbukgong Palace

…plus many phenomenal temples, pagodas, statues….

…saw the famous love locks at  Seoul Tower

…hiked Mt. Namsam

…turned 23

dipped my toes in the East Sea…

and of course, friends, friends, and more friends!

And for New Year’s, I’m going to Beijing!


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