New Features

Hello Readers!

You’ve probably noticed that the blog’s theme has been changed but maybe you haven’t noticed that I added links to the blogroll!  I’ve put some resources for potential ex-pats, fellow teachers, and those curious about Korea.  If you have a better link or a question that you think many people would like answered, let me know.

Also, if you do follow my blog (“religiously” as my very sweet and soon to be ex-pat friend Holly put it) make life easier on yourself by subscribing.  There is a small link at the top of every WordPress blog that allows you to receive an e-mail or adds that blog’s updates to your reader.  You can add me even if you have Blogspot or use Google reader or any of the thousands of other ways on the internet to organize and stay current on your links.  This will also help me to understand who my readers are.  Thanks!

Stay tuned for tales of my Lunar New Year!



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