My First White Day

As I mentioned back in my Valentine’s Day entry, Koreans celebrate White Day, which is a follow up holiday to February 14th.  On March 14th, the men who received presents a month ago give back to their female better halves and us single folk are four weeks closer to our noodle-centric celebration (hooray!).

Although I technically lack the proper equipment to give gifts on White Day, I brought Hershey’s Kisses for my co-teachers and lollipops for my students to school today.  One of my Korean workers cracked me up by telling me I was doing better today than her husband when I handed her some chocolates this morning.  None of my students pointed out to me that I’m not a man which didn’t really surprise me since they’re 6 and 7 and I was giving them candy.  I did however get many gifts from my little boys and it was lovely!  My favorite was from one of my afternoon students, Chris, who has in the past also made me origami frogs, birds, and fish:

super pleased

I was showing this off to my co-workers all afternoon.  Folded inside the little shirt was a vitamin C candy that a lot of the kids here are fond of and it originally had a lollipop taped to the side, too.  Chris can be kind of a handful but then he has these super sweet moments like today.  Makes all the frustrations worth it!

As a lover of any excuse to get fancy, I glued gold heart jewels to my plum nail polish last night and one of my six year olds, Lucy, said, “Alexa Teacher, I love your manicure.”  Manicure is a Konglish term, but it still surprises me when the kids say things like this.  All I can do is hug them in their moments of tiny adulthood.  It’s especially wonderful to hear Lucy communicate in poly-syllabic phrases because when I first started teaching her, she was uncontrollably crying her way through her first two weeks of kindergarten.

Another one of my extremely shy students busted out a phrase that I thought was way beyond her English abilities today and it was awesome!  (Can you tell I love teaching? ^_^)  In one of my afternoon beginner classes we’ve been working on greetings–Good morning, How are you? I’m fine, thank you., Hello, etc.–and with about 2 minutes left of class I was having them practice “Good afternoon Teacher!”  The bell rang and Sophie, who normally barely speaks above a whisper, belts out “See you later, Teacher!” and bolted out the door.  I was in shock at first but I’m sure she heard my uproarious laughter down the hallway a few seconds later.

At the end of this week, we’ll be taking some time out of classes to play games for St. Patrick’s Day and I’m excited!  Outside of school, I’ll be joining all the other weigooks in the time honored tradition of acting like a drunken buffoon while wearing green and attending a parade in Seoul on Saturday afternoon.  Never was much of a St. Patty’s Day reveler, but a South Korean pub event with unlimited Guiness is not something I plan on missing!  Be safe this week, dear readers!

**Edited to add:  Happy Pi Day, math nerds!  ♥


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