Photo Heavy Field Trip: Seoul Forest and Coex Aquarium

One of the many great things about working at ECC is that we only have a 20 day work month.  Some months this means a regular Monday through Friday schedule but other months this means random 3 and 4 day weekends and this calendar year we have lots of those.  A long weekend for no reason whatsoever just makes the whole week sunnier!

This past week felt like a three day work week (and next week actually is a 3 day work week!) because we only had regular classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then a field trip on Thursday.  Although the field trip was a blast, after herding eight 7 year olds around Seoul Forest and Coex Aquarium all day I was more than happy to go out for drinks last night, sleep in until the time I usually have to  be at work, then only set my expectations for the rest of the day at semi-productive.

In the spirit of semi-productivity, I’m going to let my photos of the kids from our field trip do the talking for this week’s entry.  Hope their sweet faces and total amazement at the fish and flowers makes you smile as much as me, readers!

gardens at Seoul Forest

Greenhouse and butterfly garden room that the kids loved

Christina with a beetle display in the insect museum

Christina and Ryn being goofy on the bus ride to Coex

In Seoul right outside of Coex--there have been strings of lanterns going up everywhere in preparation for Lotus Lantern Festival the first weekend in May

class picture

There was a gallery of off the wall aquariums and the boys loved diving onto the mattress of the aquarium-as-headboard installation

creepy sleeping croc

Danny, Tom, and James taking a break in front of some river monsters

one last scary thing--piranahas!




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