Part Two: Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival

After the liver-aching celebrations of long weekends, I was ready to take a break from bar hopping and see the famous Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival.

Several weeks prior to Buddha’s birthday, colorful paper lanterns had begun popping up all over Seoul, but remained unlit until a few minutes before a parade of thousands of lanterns that lasted over 2 hours.  I wasn’t even walking in the parade (though my group of friends was asked by a monk to join in) and my arms were sore from so much waving and my face hurt from smiling at all of the people that walked past me.

It’s just not easy to take decent photos of moving, lit objects in the dark but I managed to get a few good shots of the many phenomenal floats and groups ranging from ajummas to university students to monks to children.  Thailand, Nepal, and India were represented as well as a bloc of Westerners.  I could try to explain further in words how phenomenal this parade was, but I’d only end up sounding like a thesaurus.


2 thoughts on “Part Two: Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival

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