Born This Way

Once a month I get the opportunity to teach a cooking class with both of my kindergarten classes and this month was particularly fun–fruit kebabs!  I didn’t get any pictures of my seven year olds because I was way too busy making sure they didn’t skewer each other but my six year olds hammed it up as usual.

The real ham though (besides the decidedly non-fruit ingredient of mini viennas) was Tom who seems to have been born to be in front of a camera lens.

showing off a hard-boiled quail egg

Even when there’s not a camera around, Tom is prone to theatrics.  This morning when I walked into the classroom he was already waiting for me by the door with his pants legs rolled up to show off his “ouches” from falling at soccer practice.  Sometimes it can be trying but for the most part, it’s pretty difficult to be upset with a kid this cute, even when he is hopping around the classroom on one foot or crawling under the table when my class is being observed or moping around the school dragging his feet, head down, and refusing to speak to me because I wouldn’t let him be line leader.

How can I be so specific?  All of those things happened last week!



One thought on “Born This Way

  1. It’s so hard to get mad at them sometimes. And when they say something funny and the other kids are laughing (when no one should be laughing) I always find myself unable to control my laughter. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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