–Until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!

And I let the fish go. 

Though I don’t think Elizabeth Bishop was referring to blogging, I have been struggling lately to think of what to write about.  Then I looked at my kitchen table/desk.

Right now the clutter across this table is as follows:

*passport + 4 extra photos

*to-do list (on Hello Kitty stationery)

*lots of hairbows and a random assortment of nail polish

*brand new bento box

*origami paper +  two dilapidated looking hearts

*Korean phrase book

*new wallet

*mostly drunk cup of jasmine tea

*ticket stub from “The American Art” exhibit at National Museum of Korea


*monstrous bottle of water

It’d be difficult to visually sum up my life any better right now.

Last weekend my wallet was stolen/lost in Myeong-dong which resulted in a scramble for a new bank card and Alien Registration Card (on-going) and needing new passport-sized photos.  I’ll be needing my Korean phrasebook to navigate the murky waters of bureaucracy when I go to get a document tomorrow after school saying I do legally live and work in Korea, so pretty please let me re-enter the country as such.

Re-entry is an issue I’ll happily deal with as I’m leaving for Bali in just one week!  My to-do list is fairly short (and really pink) but needs to be tackled.

School has been stressing me out with new students, schedules, and teachers and although yoga is amazing, I needed a little more zen in my life.  I had been thinking for a few weeks now that I’d like to learn some origami and this morning I started out by attempting to make little hearts.  Its shape was never fully realized until about 2:45 this afternoon on my break, but I’m totally hooked.  Paper-folding is perfectly engrossing and an amazing way to get my mind working before teaching.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day with David walking around Deoksu Palace and visiting a touring collection of American art at the National Museum of Contemporary Art.  Deoksu Palace is a very small palace with structures built as late as 1910 and right by Seoul’s current City Hall.  Most websites note this about it, but I am going to reiterate it–Deoksu is smack in the middle of the city.  Skyscrapers and lotus pavilions mesh together in a way I have not seen in any of the other palaces.

For whatever reason, my obsession with bento boxes has been re-ignited recently so I had to go buy a new one tonight.  It was only W3,000 and I squealed when I opened it up and saw all the little compartments and envisioned little seaweed and rice balls molded to look like panda bears and vegetables carved into cute shapes and hard-boiled eggs molded to look like hearts.  Now my students are going to be really jealous of my lunches.

Nail polish, tea, cutesy hairbows, and being well-hydrated are general but important parts of the landscape of my life.

But why on earth would I put a wet umbrella on my table?  Well guess what y’all–it is dry because I didn’t have to use it not once today!  The sunshine came out in full force and according to my Korean co-workers, it’s here to stay.

And that makes me more happy than you can possibly imagine.


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