Summer Vacation

Good bye smog, good bye rain, good bye people smoking everywhere, good bye kimchi, good bye restaurant I walk past every day with the overpowering fish smell, good-bye crazy bus drivers, good bye students, good bye whiteboards…….


I’m about an hour and a half from leaving for the airport to go to Bali, Indonesia where I will spend the next 6 days.  I’m incredibly excited for beaches and sunshine and fresh fruit and peanut satay and tempe, and the Ubud art market, and beach villas and rice paddies and elephant sanctuaries and Hindu temples and monkey forests.

As a travel nerd, I’m also jazzed on the opportunity to hang out in airports (Incheon, Kuala Lumpur, Denpasar) and watch all the comings and goings and reunions.  Airports crank my wanderlust up to 11.

Consider this my out of the office e-mail and I’ll be back next week with new stories and oodles of photos.

Until then, readers…..





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