David and I planned our trip so it would begin and end on the same note–a lazy day at the beach.

Kuta is known for its beautiful beaches but also its more tourist-y vibe.  There were large Western style hotels, chain stores and restaurants.  Given the choice to go back again, I wouldn’t, but if you want to enjoy surfing and great drink deals, you can have those along with those some peace in nearby (though pricier) Lombo and Seminayak.

Our last night we took advantage of the 2 for 1 drinks deals at a bar and ended up falling asleep on the beach, waking up just in time to grab our taxi and head to the airport.  When I say just in time, I mean our cab was coming to our hotel at 3:30 and we woke up at 3:30, sprinted back to our hotel, and grabbed our baggage from the concierge.  I spent most of my time in Kuala Lumpur’s airport trying to eat through a hangover and dusting sand off myself.  Crazy end to an amazing trip!


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