Snow Yeah!

This afternoon just before the 2:30 bell to end kindergarten rang, it started snowing.  In contrast with last winter’s record low temperatures and constant frosty ground, this is shaping up to be our first big storm of the season and I’m really excited.  I went to the gym after work and I was looking out the windows and jumping up and down, which made a Korean guy doing crunches in the free weight area laugh and smile.  Here’s a few photos I took from around my school, out a classroom window (remember, I’m on the fourth floor), and what had built up by nightfall.  The wind has picked up a lot and sounds pretty eery whipping around the corners of my apartment building, but I can deal as long as this keeps on falling.

Plastic sheeting keeps in warmth for street cart vendors

salt trucks are incredibly efficient on the roads, but the sidewalks are a mess

Thankful for my coat's storm flap


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