Can you answer a few questions for me?

My inbox gets its fair share of five degrees of separation e-mails from people interested in moving to Korea or teach abroad who want advice.  I don’t mind at all because anyone who has ever moved to a new city, much less country, knows how many questions you have about the area, what to bring, what not to bring, etc. and I wish I had had fewer frantic internet searches during my preparation to come to Korea.  Even if you’re not my old college roommate’s neighbor’s daughter’s niece by marriage, I have no problem answering your questions.  Fire away!

But, in the spirit of being helpful, I’m going to add some new tags centered around the things I use in my daily life that I find indispensable.  These will be broken into three main categories: travel, home, and teaching.

Today we’re going to start off with home goods.  Check out my entry “Sunday Yum Day” for a half-assed recipe for banana pancakes and the thing I used to make them that I can’t live without.  Oh yeah!

Back in America I have a beautiful stand up mixer with all kinds of attachments, a hand mixer, multiple sizes of mixing bowls and whisks, a food processor, and several varieties of strainers and colanders.

In Korea I don’t have space for all of those things.  In Korea, I have a blender.

I bought mine at E*Mart, but some other big name stores for home appliances are Home Plus, Lotte Mart, Coscto and department stores like Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai, though you might find higher prices at those last three.  It cost me about W50,000 and has 2 blade attachments, a large pitcher shaped container, two medium sized and one short tube with lids for taking your juice, soup, blended coffee drink, smoothie, whatever on the go.

I’ve used the blender for all of those things, plus creaming butter for baking goods, whipping cream, mixing batter, and making Angel Delight, a British dessert that David introduced me to that I go kinda crazy for.

If you don’t cook and plan on eating take out from the kimbap shop every night, disregard this entry.

Or take my advice, get a blender, and have a margarita party.


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