Sunday yum day!

Today was Sunday and I made David and I banana pancakes at brunch o’clock.  In case you’re interested, here’s what I did:

1.  Use your handy-dandy blender to combine one quarter cup skim milk, one quarter cup water, and one ripe banana.

2.  Add 500 g commercial pancake mix (I live by Home Plus, so I used their brand) and blend again.

3.  Cook the pancakes.  Sorry, I’m not explaining that.  You should end up with about 5 plate sized pancakes, but be warned, the banana in lieu of egg makes them pretty dense.

4.  Top with butter and cinnamon, and a little syrup or honey if you like.  Cut into small pieces and try to eat with your chopsticks because you only own one fork.  Give up.  Use hands. (wait, that might just be me…)


One thought on “Sunday yum day!

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