Japan Korea Dinner Mash Up


David and I went to one of our favorite Japanese places tonight for dinner. The menu had changed slightly and I was able to get a mini donkatsu along with kimchi udong stew. Feeling a head cold coming on but this sorted me right out!

It may not be very clear in the photo, but this was served to me still boiling. This is very common in Korea so eat with caution! Another common addition to soup is an egg, dropped raw into the boiling liquid. It is stirred slightly before the liquid hard boils it whole. Mine was hiding underneath all the kimchi! Yum!

David’s dinner was the usual rice, kimchi, radish, and thinly sliced raw cabbage salad that accompanies donkatsu, but the crispy cutlet itself was served in a shallow elevated bowl and covered in scallion, a paper thin omelet, and enoki mushrooms. The most surprising thing was that it was sitting in broth. It was excellent and not mushy at all like we feared. A+ !!



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