Momofuku for One

As the big move approaches (no clear destination yet), I am doing my best to use up anything and everything in my apartment.  All the random lotions and bath gels and face washes I’ve gotten from students, teas, terrible instant coffee, flour, hoarded plastic shopping bags, aluminum foil…..

So I moisturize with reckless abandon and try to shape dinners around what I have in the house.  My mom calls this The Pantry Game and I thank her kindly for her super planner and list making genes.  Every time I chuck some packaging into my recycling, I get this weird sense of accomplishment.  It’s like every bottle or bag is one step closer to home.

This week I’ve been exceptionally proud of my food.  Ginger has been a prominent ingredient and what with my recent (unresolved) GI issues, my relatively calm tummy has thanked me.

Tonight’s ginger-y dinner was inspired by the Momofuku for Two blog.  It’s not updated anymore, but it’s awesome and will take you to the writer’s current project i am a food blog.

Ginger Fried Rice


If you clicked on the link, you’ll probably notice mine is different.  For one, imported rice is 5 or 6 times more expensive than the short grain Korean rice so I’ll be damned if I was going to use jasmine as the recipe suggested.  And this is The Pantry Game.  So I used sprouted grain rice, which is what makes this dish a bit darker.

I tend not to go for fried rice, but this one I really enjoyed.  I was very scant with the oil and the crispy ginger and garlic was fantastic.

Now all my rice is gone (weeee!) and my next project is soba noodles, just in time for the warm weather.


5 thoughts on “Momofuku for One

    • Have you ever heard of sprouted grain bread? A lot of people believe that sprouting grains before grinding them for flour or mixing them with rice or granola, etc has more nutrition and health benefits. Sprouted grain rice is white rice, but a little healthier. I like the taste and texture a lot! All the wonderful stickiness of white rice but with a touch of the brown rice taste. I’m not sure where you’re located, but it’s something you can probably find at a health food store.

  1. That looks good! You need to come over and make us something like this. Gary loves ginger and he just bought a rice cooker. Tommy loves rice, but pretty much plain. You know I have an open mind and will try anything once. So think about it and come make us an awesome Korean dish 🙂

    • This was a tame dish. Tommy might still like it! It’s actually not Korean, but a recipe from the cookbook of a Japanese-French fusion restaurant in NYC.

      A fantastic Korean rice dish though is bibimbap. It’s got lots of individually prepared vegetables, soybean or chili paste, sometimes meat, and usually a fried egg on top. It’s one of my favorites and super healthy!

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