Tempeh, take 2

Lime soy tempeh salad–sprouts, baby greens, and carrot ribbons

This salad was awesome!  I didn’t put any dressing on it, but maybe some fresh lime would be nice.  You don’t really need it as the tempeh is so flavorful.  It was even tastier the next day, though admittedly, this is a second batch.  I was loving those sandwiches from my last post and just ate them til the tempeh ran out!

This time, I added an extra tablespoon of lime juice to the marinade and used ginger instead of galangal.  When I make this salad again, I will use a crisper green.  That was my original intention but when I went to the grocery store, there were these individual serving size bags of greens and sprouts on sale, so I made a money-saving change.

If you’re curious about carrot ribbons, peel off the outer layer of carrot skin, then use a potato peeler to make long, thing strips of carrot.  I think they’re a great way to enjoy carrots raw and give your salads a little restaurant flair.


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