Wandering Around


The area where I live is known to be “Flower City” so there’s always big beautiful flower sculptures in public areas.

I’m fairly certain this soap will never stop being funny to me.  You can just imagine the motion one would make to lather it up.  I never use it.  The bars usually look really gross, so this one must be new.

The streets and sidewalks are really busy in Korean cities.  Some areas have underground tunnels so you can cross the street without waiting for the lights to change.  This is at Juyeop Station, very close to my school.  Sometimes in absence of these, people will walk down into a subway station and back up at another exit.

Street waffles YUMMMMMMMMMM  Who needs a fork anyways?  The waffles are made at stands and usually cost about W1,500.  There are different toppings but my favorite is just a creamy whipped butter and a light drizzle of sweet syrup.  At this particular stand, the butter has a slight vanilla taste to it that I love.

It’s very common to see older women crouched on the ground or propped up against walls selling vegetables.  Since it’s spring, many of them are busily shelling peas when I walk by.  I took this at Juyeop Station while my waffle was getting crispy in the waffle iron.


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