Ahhhhhh!  Even…

Ahhhhhh!  Even though I planned really well, it still feels like I have a million things to do before I leave Thursday afternoon.

……Close my bank account, training the new teacher, packing, shipping a few things home, getting my apartment ready for new teacher to move in, paying the final utility bill, cutting off my cell phone and internet, write cards to my students, eat about a million farewell meals, say good byes without crying…..

*runs around like a crazy woman*


6 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh!  Even…

  1. Random question that you probably don’t have time for but I shall ask anyway – what company are you using to ship stuff home? We’re trying to figure that out at the moment ourselves (we accumulate WAY too much stuff!) and locals say use the post office as its the cheapest….what do you think?

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