Korea in America

My second week back in the US I went to Wilmington, NC to visit my grandparents.  One morning, the TV was on and the Today show was advertising an upcoming clip on the “latest Asian cosmetic craze.”  I thought to myself, “I bet it’s BB cream,” and sure enough, it was.  Later that night, the news was on and they were talking about the outdoor gyms in China.  A clip floated up that could’ve been anywhere in Korea–adults working out on what looked like playground equipment.

On the Fourth of July, I went out for Korean food for lunch (it was a little salty but I enjoyed speaking some Korean with our ajumma server and have been back since) and after that, to the nearby grocery store where I discovered TONS of mandu, bbq eel, various rice cakes, fish cakes, pickled radish, kimchi, cold noodle soup mix, galbi marinades….


Unlimited kimchi bar and soju place mats–where am I?!


On my second visit to Koreana, David tends to the galbi, which you can cook at your table just like in the RoK 🙂


Mom loves all banchan


After all this, I’m left wondering if America always had this much Korea and I just didn’t notice or Korea is finding it’s popularity outside of the big cities.  This past weekend in DC, I even saw a take out bibimbap restaurant!  I’ll be on the look out for even more Korea in America.


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