Where in the world…

Hmm. So I guess I never did find my groove again, but here I am back to reviving the blog.

Shortly after I wrote that initial entry about our return to Korea, our school shut down.  It was a corporate decision based on the cost of rent and we were able to find new jobs and an apartment within a few weeks, but it was an uncertain and overwhelmingly stressful time.  It brought up a lot of negative feelings for David and I about the fragility of us living outside of our home countries, the lack of control we had over our own lives, and led us to seek out a new and more permanent situation.

Later that summer we became engaged, in the fall I was accepted to graduate school in Glasgow, and that spring David was accepted to a post-graduate program for primary education.  All of the pieces were falling into place and we happily prepared for our move to Scotland with our beagle, Ellie.

Now here I find myself writing this blog entry in one of my departmental computer labs, which has an impressive view towards George Square.  I’m in the second semester of my Library and Information Studies program and looking towards finding a job, a new visa status, a new home, and marriage.  I had always intended for this blog to be general and I think now its direction will shift yet again, so I’ve changed my tagline.  Good bye to teaching.. everywhere and hello to libraries, doggies, and veggies.

But, don’t worry, the adventures will continue.


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