After realizing my BA in English and Religious Studies wasn’t exactly useful in the depressed US job market, I took a chance applying for jobs outside of the country upon graduating college in 2010. A few months later, I found myself living and teaching English in Ilsan, South Korea.

For me, this was an absolute dream after an incredible teacher in high school instilled a love of Asia in me. It was fascinating to remember his classes as I did things like hiked the Great Wall and saw my very first rice paddy.

I’ve made some amazing friends and have a fantastic fiancé who shares my love of adventure, learning, and teaching.  We decided on a change of scenery and moved to Bogor, Indonesia in August of 2012.  It didn’t work out for us and we went back to our old school in Korea, which unfortunately closed in July 2014 not long after our return. Now we’re both in new jobs at different schools and taking on new (though slightly more domestic) challenges like our sweet and extremely energetic beagle puppy Ellie, living together, and saving money to move to Scotland, David’s gorgeous home country.

This blog started off as generally about my time in Korea, but now it’s morphed into part food blog, part travelogue, and also a resting place for my thoughts on living abroad, international work, international love, and of course, teaching.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey!! sorry to post on your blog, didn’t know how to get a hold of you! I wanted to let you know we’ve had a mini facelift on the blog, and I dread being a pain… but we switched from wordpress.com to wordpress.org which means— subscribers have to sign up again. I love all the comments you leave us hehe. So you must re-subscribe! I’ve told you before but i love the blog and Bali post! hahah the WTF Korea mood, I remember that mood oh to well! What are you thinking of doing next year?


    • Thank you so much for telling me about your move to self-hosting, Nicky! Your blog is really inspirational to me for the proper way to take charge of your life when living in a foreign country. I’m forever dreaming about how lovely it’d be to have chosen my own apartment and have a little potted palm on the balcony like in your photos 🙂 Next year is a bit up in the air as of yet, especially as I feel like I fall in and out of love with Korea daily. Really appreciate you and Rhys reading!

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